The Problem With Religion Is….

For Kea and all those who are afraid to speak out against religion……

Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with comments to a doccie that aired tonight on Sabc 2. ‘World’s Worst Place To Be Gay’ or something of the sort. There’s a general sense of sadness for the LGBTIA individuals of Uganda in South Africa tonight. But this outpouring of grief and sadness is generally useless because the very same mythical god that these sympathisers worship is the reason Ugandan LGBTIA folk are being oppressed.

Let’s not even shy away from the issue at hand: religion breeds homophobia. Just as it breeds racism, sexism, classism and all that is wrong with the world as we know it. Religion has told the world that being different is wrong. It’s a sin. An abomination even. Yep. We’re right up there with the Yeti. The foremost argument against homosexuality and alternate sexualities comes from religion. Heck, christianity and islam even call for us to be stoned to death. We live in a society which believes that if you don’t follow religion and the benchmarks it has set for humanity to live according to, then you ought to be punished. Bullshit. When white folk landed on our shores, they brought perhaps one of the most destructive weapons ever created: the christian bible. Then they brought their slaves from the Malay islands. Now, these slaves practised islam and thanks to them, we have the now (fortunately) outlawed K-word which in their religion apparently means non believer. That’s the first mistake the colonisers did. They assumed that we did not have organised belief systems of our own. They made what was normal for us in Africa look abnormal and sinful. And what did our forefathers do? They adopted the foreign religions and forgot their own, demonising their own way of life.

Back to the doccie, what’s sad is the fact that all these people who feel bad for the Ugandan gays are sadly christians. It does not help feeding a machine which hates you and who you are. I had a friend once who likened my being atheist and bashing religion to homophobia. I don’t know if she realises that homophobia is a construct of religion. Now, I don’t have anything against christians (my two best friends are unfortunately christians) or any member of any other religion. It’s their beliefs and how they translate to everyday life that bother me.

It’s sad and surprising how many LGBTIA folk are very religious. Seeking acceptance from a mythical character who they’re told hates them for loving who they love.

So before you get sad about the situation in Uganda, think about how your religion has contributed to all that and let’s see if you’ll still be proud to believe in your precious gods.