Midnight Musings

As the 8th month of my being single reaches its end and we’re a few days away from waltzing into 2014, I find myself in bed, spent from the daily nocturnal wank I reward myself with for surviving the day and thinking about love, sex, dating and all that stuff. A conversation with a friend left me wondering whether maybe some of us aren’t meant to be ‘kept men’.

Breakup Bits
A good friend of mine hooked up with a guy from Tembisa a few weeks ago. This guy (Tembisa dude) is a wonder to behold and apparently knows his way around in the sack. But that’s where it ends. No conversation skills, doesn’t really understand sarcasm (a language most, if not all of my friends speak with quite the fluency!) and would probably look at you funny if you asked him who Daenerys Targaryen is. Then again, most guys probably would. So, my buddy broke up with this fellow tonight and he was quite cut up. Always wanting to be the friend who comes to the rescue, I texted him this: “Every person has a person just for them. The mistake we make is thinking that EVERY person we’ve dated could be the one“. He then went on to ask me whether I believed what I had texted him and I said I did. Now when I think of it, I might have just told the biggest lie not only to him, but to myself. I mean ask anyone who knows me. If The King came back and told me he wanted to work things out, I’d take him back, fast, with no hesitation. I’d give up all the habits he used to hate just so that I could be genuinely happy again. For someone who has been making remarkable progress, I get really needy when The King’s mentioned. Maybe my friend was right when he said: “Alot of meaningless sex and we go on with our lives. We can do it“.

Carnal Thoughts and Actions
I’ve been extremely hypersexual over the last few months. The words ‘ravenous‘ and ‘insatiable‘ come to mind. I’m not going to list out all my dirty deeds as usual (I know you kids like that) but it’s just been a very…. Interesting year. But if there’s one thing that’ve I’ve learned this year it is to separate your feelings from a sexual encounter with a man you know you’ll probably never see again. Unless of course you give really great sex. I’ve found myself as a sexual being. And it’s exhilarating! Ride so good a man has to pray after sex. Kinda reminds me of a story a friend once told me of a man who wanted to discuss his feelings during foreplay. The men we share our beds with though!

Much Adieu About Nothing?
I’ve been thinking really hard and I’m still thinking it through but I think it’s time we said goodbye to this blog. The readership isn’t what it should be because I don’t post much anyway. Even when I do, it’s usually all about me and one can only keep people interested and curious for so long till they move elsewhere. Mine has become the reality tv show of blogs and honestly, the novelty’s worn off. On the other hand, I keep giving up on things in life and that’s not a really good thing. I gave up on Marketing when it clearly was a good challenge for me (as Noluntu pointed out after a night of heavy drinking), I gave up on trying to get into a proper university (no offense TUT guys and girls), at some point, I had even given up on myself. Leaving the blog would feel like that. So I’m rather conflicted. I really do not know what to do. I hope I make the decision by the 31st. Don’t want to go into 2014 with excess baggage. Only time will tell whether I bid adieu to Tsheggy Unlimited. (And for all the people who want to tell me that I can’t use adieu coz I’m atheist, I just like the way the word sounds. French words! So sexy!)

Argh, I hope you guys enjoy what is left of 2013, stay safe and have a prosperous, fun filled and successful 2014. Stay true to yourselves and love each other.

Good Morning. 🙂