Irrelevant Narcissistic Post That Has Nothing To Do With Anything

Hello, adoring public. Assuming, of course, that I still get visitors to this blog. I hope that you guys have been well. The last time I wrote here, I was still learning the ropes at Live Mag. And now, my time there is almost done. I spent 6 months with the most amazing people (more the interns than the mentors, really). I have learnt a lot. Let me bring you up to speed.

I moved back home after 3 months of living with a friend. Why? Because I kept drinking my rent money. I didn’t want to lose a friend because I couldn’t pay rent because of my wicked ways. Also, I missed watching tv. So now, I’m back home and loving it. I’m grateful to my friend and former housemate for dealing with my shit. I’m not the most reliable friend on the planet. Honestly, I’m full of it and it’s great to see that there are people out there who accept me the way I am.

I’m in love. I know I’ve said this here A LOT of times. And I’ve probably also said that “it’s different this time” a million times. So let me respect The Bae and say that this time, it’s not just different, he’s not just the One but that for the first time, I am in love with someone who is more of a friend to me than someone who texts me daily, expects me to suck his cock and ride him when we’re together and will occasionally take me out. His name’s Sbu and he used to hate me when we met years ago when we were both still in High School. At least I think I was still in high school when I first met him. I didn’t think much of him back then but when I saw him on the 25th of April 2015 at Van Tuka, something about his smile and the fact that, like a gentleman, he came and said hi threw my loins into a frenzy. The Bae is such an amazing human. Smart, gorgeous, funny, creative (he doesn’t realise how much of my pitches for the last 6 months have been inspired by him) and a lowkey party animal. And for once, someone named the kids before I did. Yep. Life partner secured. Did I mention that both our names mean ‘Blessing’ in different languages?

As my time at Live Mag reaches an end, I’ve been wondering about what to do from here onwards. Quitting school is a thought that keeps showing up. I mean I am so tired of this course. What I do know is that I want to keep writing. “Will write for money” is what should be on every cover letter of mine from now on. Being an unpaid intern has humbled me, hey? It also taught me that I can’t be an irresponsible man-child forever, as much as popcorn and Adventure Time all day seems tempting.

My grammar is off, I’m sleepy so you’ll have to forgive me for the rush job that is this post. Also, I have work tomorrow so I have to wank and sleep. The kids are calling wanking “fapping” these days although I think fapping is a unisex word because I’ve seen ladies use it. I can’t keep up. I haven’t written in so long that this feels weird…..

Well, let me save the self depreciation for until after wanking. I hope to blog on regular from tonight on. For now, Good night. Now, let me go share the link to this blog desperately.